Clean air, filtered of all dust, smog and pollen. In an era where it is increasingly difficult to enjoy clean air, it is essential to rely on systems to restore clean air. Filtration systems include: filters for air conditioning systems, fan convectors, industrial kitchen hoods, paint booths, and general air treatment equipment. In addition, there are other components supplied based on customer specifications: flat or corrugated panels in metal or polyurethane and filter holders.



Ventilation systems replace the air in closed environments in order to provide indoor air quality. If necessary, the air can be filtered. Ventilation systems include: fans or complete sets of centrifugal air extractors (CE marked) suitable for all types of air extraction and movement systems in general. Ventilation capacities range from 100 m3/h to 33,000 m3/h. Recommendations and design are developed by our Technical Department.



Clean air enters the premises through ducts. Our diffusers provide uniform air distribution in the environment. This, without currents and without zones with different temperatures. The typical components of air conditioning systems include: diffusers of different shapes, vent grids, air vents, duct hoses, volume control dampers, fire dampers, and drift eliminators. Our technical and sales departments develop tailored solutions with the customer.

Pronto Gardair

With thirty years of experience in the areas of filtration and ventilation in the civil and industrial sectors Gardair S.p.A. offers it's customers the availability of a new warehouse of products ranging from diffusion to filtration and to conditioning. Thus "Pronto GARDAIR", a new way to satisfy customers, was conceived.

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